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felipe - 11 Sep 2014, 20:26

down in chile

mohamed - 11 Sep 2014, 18:49

facebook down in Alexandria,Egypt

Marcos Arraes - 11 Sep 2014, 04:48

Porque a página do meu facebook não abre mais...Brasil

Wayne - 04 Sep 2014, 16:42

Is Peru facebook off line

Andres - 04 Sep 2014, 12:57

Facebook down, Argentina

Souley - 04 Sep 2014, 04:42

Facebook is down in Sénégal, Dakar

Lorena - 09 May 2014, 20:41

facebook down in Peru

margit - 09 May 2014, 20:39

Facebook down in Windsor, Ontario

Eugene - 09 May 2014, 20:29

I keep getting this from Facebook..
reporting from Ghana

account is currently unavailable due to a site
issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly.
Please try again in a few minutes." Please click

swe - 09 May 2014, 20:12

facebook is down in sweden

theo - 09 May 2014, 20:03

facebook is down in Thessaloniki, Greece

erik sve - 05 May 2014, 18:05

Caanot connect to facebook. I guess facebook is down in Sweden now.

jayaramugowda - 14 Apr 2014, 03:35

unable to conect my facebook chating,log on to my acount it is come then with in 5 minutes unable to conect message is come there,log on to fb ssl error message is come pl reconect my fb

Pieter Oelofse - 13 Apr 2014, 09:06

Facebook browser unavailable on Nokia e-500 don't know why,since yesterday 12/04/2014 and still unavailable 13/04/2014.Does anyone have the same problem ?

Adris Irawan - 13 Apr 2014, 04:07


13 april 2014

report from Indonesia

Marlee Skinner - 11 Apr 2014, 15:44

my account wont show any pictures on the log-in or the news feed

Stanly - 23 Mar 2014, 22:14

Facebook couldn't be accessed on my laptop ...I used all method and it doesn't worked...hope you could check it near Ipoh, Malaysia.

Carol Whitfield Harris - 23 Mar 2014, 08:32

I cannot contact any of my friends thru fb, email, private message. My contacts no longer display the fb icon. Need help as posted on email.

jemba ronald - 21 Mar 2014, 08:23

in uganda facebook site is currently unavailable why?

raymond thomas - 21 Mar 2014, 04:17

I've been having ptoblems last 2 day will not load up all the customer service rep updated my phone actually made it wrost


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